Dental Crown and Bridge

Repairing damaged teeth requires the precision and care of a professional dentist so if you have a fractured or decayed tooth do not hesitate to contact a dentist for a consultation on possibly getting dental crowns or bridges to restore the natural aesthetics of your teeth.

There are several advantages to this procedure that you should be aware of:

  • A Crown covers up and caps the damaged tooth, strengthening and improving the aesthetic and cosmetic appearance of the tooth itself
  • Crowns can be made from porcelain or ceramics to match the color of your natural teeth.   Other alternatives are precious metal alloys, and acrylics replacement.
  • Metal Alloys tend to be stronger than porcelain and your dentist may recommend them for the back molars since they are harder to see
If you are experiencing pain in your teeth, do not hesitate to get a consultation.  These could be the result of hairline cracks in the teeth from chewing hard foods.   The dental crown will relieve the pain and allows you to eat, drink, and talk without discomfort.   Bring back that beautiful smile today!

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